Watson, Dr. Cynthia A. PhD

Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs


Dr. Cynthia A. Watson joined the Faculty in August 1992. She served for five years as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, then Associate Dean for Curriculum and Faculty Development. She also served as the Chairwoman of NWC's Department of Security Studies and Director of the Electives Program and a Core Course Director. Dr. Watson earned a BA, with Honours, from the University of Missouri at Kansas City, an MA from the London School of Economics, and a doctorate from the University of Notre Dame. Prior experiences include Assistant Dean for Social Sciences and Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Loyola University Chicago and Assistant Professor of Politics at Ithaca College, the U.S. General Accounting Office and U.S. House of Representatives. Dr. Watson is on the Governing Boards of a number of professional organizations and the Editorial Board of Third World Quarterly, along with being a Member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies and the Society for Military History.  Her first edition (2002) of U.S. National Security received CHOICE's designation as a Book of the Year. Other publications include and Nation-Building, U.S. Military Service, Military Education, US National Security (2nd edition), Political Role of the Military (co-edited with Constantine Danopoulos), Interest Groups in National Security, and Geographic Combatant Commands.  

FUNCTIONAL EXPERTISE: Curriculum Development; Economic/Political History; Strategic Foundations; Professional Military Education

REGIONAL EXPERTISE: Asia-Pacific, Latin America

EMAIL:  watsonc@ndu.edu