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Homeland and National Security Law and Policy: Case and Materials (with Matt Pinsker)

          Carolina Academic Press, 1 September 2017


Ohio's Criminal Justice System (with Josua B. Hill, Nancy E. Marion, Kevin M. Cashen, and Kendra J. Kec)

     Carolina Academic Press, Contributing Author, 2015


Rule of Law Handbook: A Practitioner’s Guide for Judge Advocates

          US Army Center for Law and Military Operations, Contributing Author, July 2007




Information Operations: Warfare and the Hard Reality of Soft Power (with Leigh Armstead) 

          Potomac Books, Contributing Author, May 2004

Book Chapters

 The SAGE Encyclopedia of Surveillance

     Chapter: Cybersecurity Legislation – Introduction

     Chapter: Information Warfare – Introduction

     Chapter: International Diplomacy – Introduction

     Chapter: Law – Introduction

     Chapter: Law and Digital Technology – Introduction

                                              Chapter: North Atlantic Treaty Organization – Introduction

                                              Chapter: U.S. Constitution – Introduction

                                                   Sage Publications, 2018

Book Review

Review – Counterinsurgency Law: New Directions in Asymmetric Warfare

     Author: William A. Banks

          International Review of the Red Cross, Volume 95, Number 891/892, Autumn/Winter 2013

Review – Can Might make Rights? Building the Rule of Law After Military Interventions

     Authors: Jane Stromseth, David Wippman, and Rosa Brooks

          American Society of International Law and the International Judicial Academy, Volume II, Issue 1, March 2007



NATO Legal Handbook

          Supreme Allied Command Transformation (SACT), Editor and Contributing Author, 2006


Multi-National Rules of Engagement Training Manual

          International Institute for Humanitarian Law, Contributing Author, 2006

Conference Papers, Presentations, and Keynote Address

Theodore Roosevelt and the Military

     Conference Paper and Presentation

          Society of Presidential Descendants Annual Symposium, Long Island University, June 2022

Theodore Roosevelt’s Strategic Leadership and Grand Strategy

     Conference Paper and Presentation

          Society for Military History Annual Meeting, Fort Worth TX, May 2022

Alfred Thayer Mahan and Sir Julian S. Corbett: Intellectual Synergy, not Competition, in a Period of Revolutionary Change

     Conference Paper and Presentation

                                                     Society for Military History Annual Meeting, Norfolk VA, May 2021

Theodore Roosevelt and Elihu Root; Partners in Reform

     Keynote Address

          3rd Annual Cornerstone Commemoration, Conference Paper and Presentation, National War College, February 2020

Using Theodore Roosevelt to teach Grand Strategy at the National War College

     Conference Presentation

          Long Island University, October 2019