Reckamp, CAPT Douglas E. - USN

Chair, U.S. Navy

National War College

Captain Doug Reckamp earned a Master’s Degree in non-linear acoustics at University of Texas in Austin.  His Undersea Warfare career began with seven strategic deterrence patrols on USS HENRY M. JACKSON (GOLD) and USS MICHIGAN (BLUE) [Ballistic Missile Submarines], then two deployments and numerous operational tests of new combat systems as Combat Systems Officer of USS OKLAHOMA CITY [Fast Attack Submarine].  He was the first US Student to attend the Royal Netherlands Navy Submarine Command Course (Diesel Perisher), after which he completed a Western Pacific Deployment as Executive Officer of USS PORTSMOUTH [Fast Attack Submarine].  In 2005, he established the Enterprise Management branch of COMSUBFOR with additional duties as COMSUBFOR speechwriter.   In 2009 he took command of USS TOLEDO [Fast Attack Submarine] where he completed an Operational Test Launch of three Tomahawk Cruise Missiles and deployed to EUCOM, AFRICOM, and CENTCOM AORs.

Following Command, CAPT Reckamp earned a Master’s Degree in National Security Studies from the National War College with field studies in Burma and Thailand.

In 2012, CAPT Reckamp served as the Director of Afghan Hands Management Element – Forward in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Upon returning from Afghanistan, he served as the Afghanistan Division Chief on the Joint Staff Plans and Policy Directorate.


FUNCTIONAL EXPERTISE:  Counterinsurgency, Congressional and Interagency Processes (Joint Staff J5 Afghanistan Chief), Undersea Warfare, Business/Enterprise Management.


REGIONAL EXPERTISE: Afghanistan/Pakistan, South China Sea (2 Deployments), Arctic Operations (2 Deployments).