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Responsibility of Command: How UN and NATO Commanders Influenced Airpower over Bosnia

          Military Bookshop, March 2003


The Influence of UN and NATO Theater-Level Commanders on the Use of Airpower over Bosnia During Deny Flight: 1993-1995

          Storming Media, Kings College (London), 1999

Book Chapters


Air Commanders

     Chapter: Michael E. Ryan: Architect of Air Power Success

          Potomac Books, November 2012


Perspectives on Air Power

     Chapter: Strategic Bombing: What Is It, and Is It Still Relevant

          The Stationery Office Books, January 1998



Nuclear Weapons Modernization: Current Capabilities and Emerging Threats

          Strategic Primer, Volume 5, Winter 2019

Journal Articles – Print

Climate Change and National Security

          Comparative Strategy, Volume 42, Issue 2, pp 187-226, March 2023

Planning Is Everything

          Joint Forces Quarterly, Issue 62, 3rd Quarter 2011

Asteroid Threat? The Problem of Planetary Defence (with Dr. Robert Gold)

          Survival, Volume 50, Number 5, pp 141-156, October–November 2008

Journal Articles – Online

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Modernization: What and Why

          Defense Dossier, Issue 24, June 2019

The Future of American Air Power

          Defense Dossier, Issue 8, September 2013

Power to the People of India: U.S. Nuclear Cooperation with India

          Strategic Insights, Volume 6, Number 1, January 2007

Book Review

Review – Bombing to Win

     Author: Robert Pape 

          War Studies Journal, Volume 3,1996 1997

Unpublished Works Available Online


The Eisenhower Administration and the Suez Crisis: Spying on Allies and Friends

          National War College, Paper, Academic Year 2000-2001


Saddam Hussein and the Iran-Iraq War (with Mr. Frank Esquivel)

          National War College, Paper, Academic Year 2000-2001


Lethal Airpower and Intervention

          School of Advanced Airpower Studies, Air University, Maxwell AFB (AL), Thesis, 1996