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Peer Reviewed Publications

Why is Mexico so Dangerous for Journalists? (with Jonathan Landry)

          Small Wars Journal, 17 August 2022

Identifying Precursors to Long-Term Crisis in Veterans Using Associative Classifier (with Priyanka Annapureddy, Zeno Franco, Praveen Madiraju, Sheikh Ahamed, Mark Flower, Md., Fitrat Hossain, Md., Romael Haque, Nadiyah Johnson, Sabirat Rubya, Niharika Jain, and Otis Winstead) – Abstract

          BigData, 13 January 2022

Seductive Attraction of Apocalyptic Desire: Panic, Trauma News, and Pathogen Armeggedons

          WIT Transactions on the Built Environment, 2022

Continuity as Patterning: A Process Perspective on Continuity.’ Strategic Organization (with Feldman, Martha, Worline, Monica, and Victoria Bredow)

          Strategic OrganizationTemporal Work – The Strategic Organization of Time, Special Issue, 2021

Parties of Crime? Brazil’s facções criminosas – good governance and bad government

          Small Wars Journal, 19 July 2021


Zombie Experts and Anarchy Imaginaries: Fantasies of 'Crises to Be' in Climate Change Futures

          Journal of Strategic Security, Volume 13, Number 4, pp 141-155, 2020

His Game is Called Survivin’: resistance to resilience

          International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters, Volume 38, Number 2, 2020

Hurricane Harvey Unstrapped: Experiencing Adaptive Tensions on the Edge of Chaos (with Magdalena Denham)

                                                  WIT Transactions on the Built Environment, 2019

For a short time, we were the best versions of ourselves: Hurricane Harvey and the Ideal of Community

          International Journal of Emergency Services, Critical Perspectives in Emergency Services Management, Special Edition, 2019

The snake who eats the devil’s tail: the recursivity of good and evil in the security state (with Nathan Jones)

         War, Media, and Conflict, May 2019


"Of things they are not in quest of": how pivoting and intangibles shape interpretive work – Abstract

          Sage Journals, Research Cases in Sociology, 2018


Disaster Preparedness as Social Control (with Lisa Ludwig) – Abstract

          Critical Policy Studies, Volume 12, Issue 1, 2016

"Making It Worse than What Really Happened": Social Chaos and Preparedness as Problematic Mythologies in Disaster Communication

                                                 Frontiers in CommunicationDisaster Communication, May 2016

(Not) Welcome to the US: Hyper-Ebola and the Crisis of Misinformation (with Samonas, S, and Artello, K.)

     Short Paper on Ethical, Legal and Social Issues, Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings

                                                  International Association for Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management, 24-27 May 2015

“Everything Always Works”: Continuity as Source of Disaster Preparedness Problems

          International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters, Volume 32, Number 3, pp 428-458, August 2014

Potential Improvisations: the role of explicit and implicit practices in the production of situated preparedness for disasters – Abstract

          Natural Hazards Review, Volume 15, Issue 4, 2014


Working Through Disaster: Re-establishing Mental Health Care after Hurricane Katrina (with Martha S. Feldman, and Victoria Lowerson) – Abstract

         Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp 311-315, 2013

Manuscripts in Press

Customizing the BattlePeer App: Connecting First Responders with Peer Support to Manage Mental Health Crises (with Zeno Franco, Temitayo Okusanya, Md., Romael Haque, Jane Gresser, Sabirat Rubya, Praveen Madiraju, Jason Curry, Otis Winstead, Katinka Hooyer, Robert Curry, Chris Medlock and Daniel Medlock)

​                                             Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings

                                                   International Association for Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management, 2023


Untitled Chapter on COVID-19 and Media Representation, Untitled Book (Invited Submission)

          College Station: Texas A&M University Press

Guest Editor


Equitable Pandemic Response & Recovery: Designing Person-Centered Public Health

          SAGE Journals, Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Special Issue

Books Under Contract



          Reaktion Books: London, UK., In Editing Stage

Technical Reports

State Health Innovation Plan Analysis: Exploring Public Health and Healthcare Integration (with Bickford, B., Canfield, C., and Priebe, A)

                                                National Network of Public Health Institutes and the Centers for Disease Control, 2014

Interpregnancy Care Project: BCM Strategic Grant 2013 Final Report (Alexandra Priebe, Jazmine Venturanza, and Heather Farb)

          Louisiana Public Health Institute, 2013

Peer-Reviewed Workshop Proceedings

Social Context Aware BERT Model for Crisis Detection in Veteran Populations (with Nadiyah Johnson, John Fields, Mark Flower, Praveen Madiraju, Joseph Coelho, Katinka Hooyer, Zeno Franco, Niharika Jain, and Ahamed Iqbal)

          BigData, 2021

Magazine Articles

The numbers must have context: SARS CoV-2 in New York

          The Brooklyn Rail, May 2020

Fear is more powerful than facts

          The Brooklyn Rail, April 2020

Disaster Preparedness is an Illusion

          The Brooklyn Rail, April 2018