Ms. Arielle Sher

Research Intern

Ms. Arielle Sher joined the NWC in the spring of 2024 as a research intern. She is a second-year undergraduate student at Hamilton College studying World Politics and Economics. Her research interests include examining the influence of ideology on state organization and structure as well as Indo-Pacific security issues and how they influence U.S. foreign policy and diplomacy in relation to both Asian and non-Asian countries. She is pursuing a concentration in International Security, with a particular focus on nuclear power balances, the ethics of mutually assured destruction, and the changing motivations and objectives of nuclear states’ weapons and enrichment programs.

Arielle was an undergraduate International Security class teaching assistant, leading review sessions to help students better understand classical political theories and concepts. Arielle authored two research reports during her time at Hamilton, “A Nuclear Conundrum: China’s Nuclear Program as a Dynamic Phenomenon – the ‘Norms-Security Model’” and “The Iran Nuclear Deal: Understanding What Went Wrong with U.S. Diplomatic Solutions to a Nuclear Iran.