Dr. Stephanie Y. Zedlar – DOD

Director Institutional Research

National War College

Dr. Stephanie Y. Zedlar serves as the National War College, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment. In this position since 2014, she is responsible for managing the collection of data on direct and indirect assessments of student learning and faculty performance. At National Defense University broadly, and National War College specifically, Dr. Zedlar works with college’s academic dean, associate dean, and course directors to create assessment plans, identify where and how students will be assessed on their knowledge of the learning outcomes, collect the right data useful for making decisions, and to report such evidence on assessment documents and to accrediting bodies.

Dr. Zedlar is highly knowledgeable and experienced with institutional, military, professional, and international accreditation. Since 2004, she has served on accreditation teams and has participated on and led teams to write self-study documents and managed site visits. Liaison with the Joint Staff J-7 serves as Chair of the Military Education Assessment Advisor Group whose original effort was to create the OPMEP Manual which provides guidance on how to implement Outcomes Based Military Education (OBME). Continuing in her work, she leads the creation of and ensures consistency among all OBME Review Teams who review JPME program compliance and effectiveness. Also, a member of the Joint Staff J-7 Assessment Advisory Group, the team gathers feedback from external stakeholders which informs overall JPME program evaluation.

Dr. Zedlar’s academic program management experience is in civilian and military graduate accredited programs where she has collaborated with faculty/staff to deans, heads of faculty, and senior administrators to strive for the highest level of academic excellence across the program and institution.

Dr. Zedlar holds a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership, a Master of Business Administration, and Bachelor of Science in Business Management.