Col Stephen R. Heffington – USAF

Chair, CJCS

National War College

Colonel Steven Heffington is the NWC Assistant Director of Educational Technology, joining the faculty in June 2015 directly after graduating from NWC.  Colonel Heffington is a 1989 graduate of the Montana State University, where he earned a B.S. in Sociology and was commissioned a second lieutenant through the Reserve Officer Training Corps.  Colonel Heffington is an Air Force Security Forces officer with experience spanning Europe, the Pacific, the Middle East, and Asia.  Prior to attending NWC, Colonel Heffington completed a 4-year rotation as an AFPAK Hand serving a year as an embedded advisor within the Executive Office of the President of Afghanistan, and a year as an embedded advisor with the Chief of Police of Kabul Province.  Prior to AFPAK Hands, Colonel Heffington held a broad range of assignments including three squadron commands:  The 95 Security Forces Squadron, the 791st Missile Security Squadron, and the 91st Security Support Squadron.  He holds an Master of National Security Strategy from National War College, a Master of Strategic Intelligence from National Intelligence University, and a Master of International Relations from Troy University.  Colonel Heffington is married to LtCol Karen Kraybill; they have two children.  

FUNCTIONAL EXPERTISE: Strategic Intelligence (NIU); International Relations (Troy); Security, Law Enforcement, & Force Protection (USAF); National Security Strategy (NWC)