Welcome to the National War College

Entryway to NWC

Congratulations on your selection to attend the National War College!

All incoming students should receive a welcome package from the National Defense University Registrar's office. Within that package each student will find a welcome letter with guidance on actions to take as they prepare to arrive at National War College.

Student Welcome Package Information - AY 22-23

In addition, incoming National War College students should review the NWC Welcome letter attached here as it contains arrival information specific to the National War College.

NWC School Specific Information - AY 22-23

It is important that all US Military and Civilian students read both of these letters as they contain action items to complete prior to arrival and provide a schedule for service specific meetings for arriving US Military service members.

NWC Student Catalog

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Please see Commandant's Welcome Letter, Dean of Student's Welcome Letter, and Spouses' Welcome letter via the links below: 

Check back as you make your way to Washington D.C. as updates will be posted here as well as links to training to accomplish prior to arrival, and, as we gather them, answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Arrival, In-Processing and First Few Days

Welcome to National War College. We are excited to have you here.

We have developed a Return-to-Campus plan that will smartly and safely begin to combine in-person instruction and engagement with the very successful virtual learning environment we have adopted over the last 14 months. We seek to merge the best of in-person and virtual academic delivery into a flexible hybrid model that can rapidly adapt to changing health protection conditions as warranted.  The health and safety of our personnel will be the primary concern in balancing the need for face-to-face instruction and on-campus presence against virtualization.

Your in-processing and orientation are currently being planned to be executed in person. We do understand conditions may change and we may have to do some aspects of the in-processing virtually. To do that effectively, you will need access to a desktop/laptop computer to send and receive documents. Additionally, you should have adequate internet access to view full audio/video live broadcasts and, if desired, send questions to presenters via chat. Links to various sessions will be made available as necessary. Points of contact below can answer any questions and provide support. 

Pre-arrival Information

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All students are required to complete the Pre-Attendance Training:

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Blackboard Questions

National Defense University (NDU) uses Blackboard as its Learning Management System. All curriculum is delivered to the students across the university using Blackboard.

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Every student will have an account established prior to their arrival, and will be enrolled into a "Pre-attendance" course to guide them through some steps to accomplish some of the required training that is nice to accomplish prior to arrival.

Incoming students should check back here mid June for more guidance on how to obtain their user credentials for their initial log on. If you are having technical problems, email: nwcedtech@ndu.edu.

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NWC Alumni Association

The NWC Alumni Association (NWCAA) is an independent 501 (c)(3) charitable, educational organization with 30% of the College’s more than 10,000 graduates as life and annual members.  The National War College Alumni Association is a non-federal entity.  It is not part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and has no Government Status

The Association provides funding for a variety of student social, athletic, and liaison activities.

Welcome Letter from the NWC Alumni Association