Welcome Warrior Class of 2025!

Congratulations on your selection to attend the National War College.

You are embarking on what many say was one of the best years of their career.  Getting you started on the right foot is our priority. For many of you, this may be your first experience with a Department of Defense (DoD) school. Additionally, we know that some of you are moving here from outside the Washington D.C. area to include outside of the country. In-processing can be confusing and stressful, so we want to help simplify things.

NWC is an in-resident (in-person) school. Part of the NWC experience is the face-to-face interaction that you will have with your classmates.  This is where National and Institutional cultures meet.   You will learn about other’s countries and/or other’s institutional cultures.  Here at NWC, you will build relationships that will last a lifetime. 

  • Note: This page will be updated as the AY25 academic year approaches.


Welcome Letters

  • Click the provided links below for the labeled welcome letters.

Commandant's Welcome Letter

Spouse Welcome Letter

Dean of Students Welcome Letter

Additional Information

Academic Year (AY) 2025 – Key Dates

  • The AY25 Academic Key Dates includes holidays and important events.​
  • AY25 Key Dates
    • 29 JUL 2 AUG 24: Pre-Orientation Week
    • 5 AUG 24: Report Date to the National War College
    • 5 AUG 9 AUG 24: Orientation Week
    • 9 AUG 24: No-Host Committee Social (Spouses Invited)
    • 12 AUG 24: Classes Begin
    • 23 DEC 24 3 JAN 25: Holiday Break
    • 6 JUN 25: Student Awards Ceremony
    • 12 JUN 25: Graduation

AY25 Student Handbook  Coming Soon

  • The AY25 Student handbook is being updated and will be posted before the AY25 academic year commences.
  • Please look through the AY24 Student handbook (link below) to help familiarize you with student and academic life at the college.

AY24 NWC Student Handbook

AY25 Military and Agency/Department Chairs 

  • Most of you have representatives or liaison officers as faculty here at the college. They serve as your main points of contact for administration and career issues. They will work with your headquarters to assist you with in-processing and administration. 
  • Your respective representative or liaison officer will contact you upon your selection.

NWC Name Tag Request Form – Students & Spouses

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Name Tag Request


NWC Spouse Information

NWC Spouse Information Form

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Spouse Information Form

AY25 Spouse Orientation – Briefs

  • A Spouses Orientation brief will be presented at a to be determined time and date.

NWC Logo

NWC Alumni Association

The NWC Alumni Association (NWCAA) is an independent 501 (c)(3) charitable, educational organization with 30% of the College’s more than 10,000 graduates as life and annual members.  The National War College Alumni Association is a non-federal entity.  It is not part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and has no Government Status

The Association provides funding for a variety of student social, athletic, and liaison activities.
Click for NWC Alumni Association Welcome Letter